Latinitas Nostra


The name Latinitas Nostra or «Our Occident» has been used as a complement to «Our Orient» in order to insinuate two appearances of Hellenism during the Renaissance and Baroque periods that complement one another. The term concerns the flourishing Greek communities, of the above mentioned periods, of London, Venice, Vienna, Marseille, Munich etc. as well as the contribution of the respective Greek communities in the social and cultural life of these cities. In this perspective, the point of departure –even indirectly– of the productions we present is Greece, the actual or the ideal one, the way it was «fabricated» and used by 17th and 18th century Europe.

The baroque music ensemble Latinitas Nostra was created by Markellos Chryssicos along with the concert company Phormigx, thus giving space to Greek musicians who, having specialized in Early Music, cultivate the characteristic spirit of freedom, exaggeration and theatricality that animated the art of Mannerism and the Baroque.